Get in the Nude This Winter at Christopher James

We know how to get your attention around here. We don’t mean to literally get in the nude, but rather pair earthy and neutral tones together, which is a popular trend we at Christopher James are spying these days. 

We’re here for you if you think this look will take a little extra courage to pull off, but you *can* pull it off. Nix any views you have of beige being boring. Neutral tones are calming, infinitely mixable and versatile. Collect a few basics like a luxurious shirt and sweater from Stenstrom’s and either put them all together to take center stage or opt to pair them with more intensely colored separates later. Neutrals not only include brown, but also gray, black and white — all colors that are appropriate for any season or occasion. Check out the options from Stenstrom’s and you’ll be impressed.  

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and go monochromatic just yet, dip your toes in by pairing a neutral sweater or blazer over a colored button-down shirt. You’ll immediately notice how it tones down your look and polishes it off perfectly. Gradually introduce a second piece in a similar tone and put it together. Don’t forget about factoring your shoes into the mix. 

As one of our colleagues at Christopher James says, “When in doubt, tone it out!” Drop into Christopher James today and we’ll help you achieve a cool, neutral and minimal look today. See you soon! 

Versatility at Its Finest: The Suit

Yes, the suit! It’s time for a new year and a new you. Wipe the slate clean, give your closet a bit of a clean-out and refresh, refresh, refresh. 

A new suit from Christopher James that fits you well could be one of the most comfortable, luxurious, versatile pieces of clothing in your closet. Many an office in the area is going suit-free and opting for casual dress codes, but a suit from Hickey Freeman, Coppley or Byron is like having multiple outfits at the ready. 

Here’s how: Wear your blazer to work over a button-down shirt from Robert Graham and sweater for that important breakfast meeting, dinner out with your significant other, that meeting with your boss when you talk about your next move up the career ladder or brunch with your in-laws this winter. Your in-laws will be thrilled to see you look even more spiffy than usual. 

And the suit trousers, you ask? Nowhere to be seen. Pair the suit jacket with 34 Heritage or Paige jeans. Colored chinos can also do the trick. You’ll look neat and put together without fearing that you’re overdressed. You’ll also thank us for recommending you wear layers in the dead of winter. Restaurants are drafty and temperatures in older office buildings are sometimes not well regulated. You’ll appreciate having a blazer and a few extra layers of warmth. 

Now it’s time to let the trousers shine. Skip the suit jacket and pair the pants with an extraordinarily soft cashmere sweater from Peter Millar. Or pick a boldly patterned button-down shirt from Stenstrom’s. It’s a new year! Be bold! You can also wear the quarter-zip sweater by Robert Graham you received for Christmas over a shirt. A pair of leather refined sneaks by Trask and you’re set! Yes, you can pull it off. 

Stop in at Christopher James and we’ll show you how to pull it all off. Start with the ever-versatile suit and you’re set for anything life throws at you.

Gift the Smart Way This Season with Christopher James

You can read this gift guide as either a handy list of your holiday favorites you can print out and give to your wife or as some favorites that are a must for your dad, son, nephew or friend. In no particular order, behold the Christopher James gift list:

Put a solid or patterned shirt that can be worn untucked high on your list. With the prevalence of adopting casual work cultures, there is less of a need to have many suits hanging in your closet. A shirt by Emanuel Berg, for example, can be worn tucked or untucked with jeans or chinos. We should clarify that not just any button-down shirt can be worn this way. Stop by and we’ll show you how to pull it off. 


A quarter-zip sweater from Peter Millar or Robert Graham is utilitarian *and* stylish. Sure, it will keep you warm, but over a patterned button-down, it can make a gent look polished for the office or ready to take a place at this weekend’s flute recital. Worn with jeans by 34 Heritage or with dressier trousers, you’ll have versatility on your side for sure. 


Dress socks can be a fun purchase from Christopher James for the guy on your list — or for yourself. Buy a luxurious pair by VKNagrani, which Esquire magazine has billed as “the best socks in the world.” They’ll be a treat for you or a good friend on your list. 

If you know your gift recipient’s size, refined sneaks by Wolverine or or Peter Millar would make a great gift. Available in butter leather and different colors, your someone special would love wearing these to work with jeans or khakis or on the weekend while he’s running errands. 

For the ultimate splurge, put a Hook & Albert garment weekender bag under the tree. The leather bag fully unzips to hold a sport jacket or suit on a hanger. Zip it and tuck in your shoes, shirt, sweater, undergarments and toiletries and you’re ready to say bon voyage. You’ll smile big when your special giftee tells you about the stares and double-takes how received while walking through the airport. 

You can never go wrong with a gift card from Christopher James. It shows just how much you care. 

Happy Holidays from Christopher James and see you soon! 

The Best of Fort Wayne: Christopher James Is Here to Take Care of You!

What motivates you to wake and go to your job every day? For the expert staff here at Christopher James, it’s you! During this holiday season and every day in between, put yourself in the hands of the stylish and knowledgeable staff at Christopher James

Started a little more than eight years ago as a way to “continue and enhance the tradition of an upper-end men’s store in Fort Wayne,” Christopher James has bucked the online shopping trends by offering impeccable service and an impressive and unique selection of high-quality clothing. Eight years later, owner Chris Lambert and team are still excited about selling menswear and taking care of you, their client. “The opportunity to help people look their best and make the process as simple and easy as possible,” Chris says, is just part of the recipe that keeps them going everyday. 

But their love of what they do doesn’t stop there. They can’t get enough of seeing you and the new faces walk through the doors of Christopher James. If you’re a first-time visitor, the team will be thrilled to show you around, help you look for the things on your shopping list and see you off, while looking forward to seeing you again. 

If shopping is not your bag or you don’t have the patience to figure out the kind of fit you need or the appropriately patterned shirt to wear under your sport coat, the Christopher James team will take excellent care of you and show you some of their favorite pieces. High on their list are brands like Canali, Gimos and Sartore. They’ll take the guesswork out of buying a proper suit, dressing for your first job interview and choosing clothing that’s right for you. 

If you’re a Christopher James regular, you know that our store has evolved with the times. The staff strive to look for higher-quality merchandise with every buying opportunity. They’ve also expanded into the wedding business by suiting entire bridal parties. Whether your party members are local or traveling in, the team can accommodate you and have all of you looking smartly and attractively dressed on your big day. Need a home or office appointment? They do that, too. 


We can’t wait to see you at Christopher James soon! 

Get Decked Out for the Holidays with Help from Christopher James

When you’re walking in the winter wonderland of Fort Wayne, the staff at Christopher James can show you how to make your layers look stylish while keeping you warm. So accept those invitations to holiday parties, after-work gatherings with friends and dinners with family and rely on Christopher James winter staples to make you look great. 

Let’s start with the innermost layer: Underwear. Saxx undergarments are key. They’ll keep all of your men’s parts snug in the right places without causing any jingling bells. Next, pull on a pair of wool trousers from Samuelsohn. Their versatility allows you to go from the office to a casual holiday happy hour after work. A lightweight yet warm sweater from Peter MIllar or Robert Graham over a button-down shirt will keep you warm in a drafty bar after work.

Let’s be realistic: Fort Wayne winters are cold. Despite that, you don’t have to cover up your stylish layers in a parka that makes you look like an abominable snowman. Instead, top it off with lined top coat. No longer only as suit toppers, a top coat from Bugatti is one you can toss over jeans or dress trousers. We have cashmere or wool selections to keep you toasty, options with zip-out lining, solid-colored classic navy alternatives or bold colors to make you a standout. The top coat trend is going strong for a second year in a row, so hop on the fashion train this winter, too. 

See you soon at Christopher James and Happy Holidays! 


Ride the Fort Wayne Holiday Fashion Train at Christopher James Menswear

Stop by this weekend, grab some Christmas cookies and check out our train courtesy of John Mohre from Ben Davis Ford. John is a collector and loves sharing his passion with others. Thanks John!



Shop Big in a Small Way This Saturday at Christopher James

There are BIG savings to be had at local favorite Christopher James this Saturday, November 30, during Small Business Saturday. The after-Thanksgiving treats include $100 off any regular price sale of $500 or more. Stock up on your favorite brands like Robert Graham, Peter Millar, Canali, Hickey Freeman, Coppley and Emmanuel Berg  You can also score $40 off any regularly priced pair of shoes. When it comes to a special sale day like this, we go big at Christopher James

Speaking of shopping big, who wants to be in a crowded big-box store during the biggest sale weekend of the year, where you know you won’t receive any personal shopping attention, you’ll be cranky and warm from walking between your parked car in the crowded lot and on (finally!) to the floor that carries menswear. Even then, you won’t be guaranteed that your long wait in the checkout line will be worth your time in clothing you bought — clothing of questionable quality. 

Or if you’re opting for doing all of your shopping online, who says you’ll like the way that new sweater feels around your neck? Or it’s not until you tear open the packaging that you realize the navy blue checked shirt you bought actually appears more green than blue. Buy slacks for the office online? We don’t recommend it. 

Shopping local at Christopher James during Small Business Saturday is an experience unlike anything you’ll find in a big-box store or on a virtual cart while you’re binging on Netflix. You see smiling faces who are there to help. You get help finding your size in the half-zip sweater you’ve had your eye on. You are advised on the patterned shirt to wear under a new sport coat. You pick a more tailored suit, thanks to the courage you’ve mustered from the encouraging Christopher James staff. 

See you at Christopher James this Saturday, November 30, and thank you for shopping small! 


Top Off Your Outfits in the Best Way at Christopher James

The next time you head out this fall, don’t think of your outer layer as an afterthought. 

You are the canvas and all of your layers of clothing, down to what you wear to keep yourself warm, each make up your finished fashion masterpiece. Everyone is truly an artist, so channel that creativity, visit the team at Christopher James and you’ll see what a few basic pieces you thought were utilitarian can do for your appearance. 

A top coat, which is simply a lightweight overcoat, is the coolest look around this fall. It’s a perfect transitional piece as the colder weather descends and Christopher James in Fort Wayne has the best selections. Solid-colored and patterned options from Bugatti, for example, are all the rage for a second year in a row, says Christopher James Associate Oleg: “Bold colors and or patterns allow for versatility as well as a new look to some of our favorite classics.” 

Stick with a timeless classic navy top coat if that’s more your style. Sure, top coats are historically worn over a full suit, but the selections we carry from Bugatti include one with laser cut edges and a zip-out vest lining that gives the coat a sporty flair while still holding its own with your suit. Pair it with jeans and a beer at your next tailgate outing and you’ll be a standout. 

Our coats are meant to complete your look, but are also made to keep you warm. Stop in and we’ll show you selections made with a neoprene-like outer layer made from wool or for a more luxurious feel, opt for a top coat crafted from a blend of lambswool and cashmere. Cashmere is not only warm, it’s breathable, too. You’ll be ready for wind, fall temperatures — and the fashion runway, my friend! 

As Oleg says, the top coat works for “a formal engagement or a night out.” See you at Christopher James soon as you consider (another? Your first?) top coat options. 

I Can’t Even: The Best Adulting Menswear Essentials from Christopher James — Part 2

Depending on your job, the disheveled look can only carry you so far. A polished appearance complete with well-fitting clothing can do amazing things for one’s confidence. Read on for reliable and effective tips in Part 2 of Christopher James Adulting Menswear Essentials: 

In our last installment, we talked about suits, ties, dress shirts, the necessity of a belt and appropriate jeans. Next on the list are sweaters.


Sweaters. A lightweight sweater from Christopher James is a great transitional piece from season to season. You can wear a sweater from Peter Millar or Robert Graham with a button down shirt, with or without a tie, under a sport or suit jacket or with an open collared button down and coordinating solid T-shirt peeking out underneath. Throw on a sport coat and jeans and your not-too-casual-oh-this-old-thing look will yield many approving looks. 

Jeans aside, another wardrobe essential is a neat pair of trousers, be they dress pants or casual chinos. Options from Samuelsohn or Bill’s Khakis are incredibly comfortable, versatile and lightweight. 

Shoes. Your feet will thank you a million times over for investing in a few pairs of high-quality shoes. Start with a pair of dress shoes and a pair that checks the casual box so that you have a few styles to rotate through. At Christopher James, we carry both looks from Trask and J&M 1900 and can offer suggestions for how to pull off completing your outfit in shoes that aren’t black. 

Underpants. Why are these in the list? Because we care. Taking care of yourself and maintaining a good grooming schedule also includes considering the first layer of clothing on your body. Throw out your torn and stretched underwear. You deserve the best! Who wants to wear a great outfit with overstretched underwear that bunches in all of the wrong places? Get some Saxx underwear.

Come and adult with us at Christopher James today!