Dress Up — and Comfortably — For Cocktails on the Deck

August is the epitome of summer. It’s the high point of the season and staring at the month on the calendar makes you stop and think about how fast the warm months are flying by. Wind down next weekend with friends and drinks on the deck. Celebrate a great summer by making it a proper cocktail party and dress up! 


The full suit getup isn’t necessary, but do throw on a well-fitting Coppley, Hickey Freeman or Paul Betenly sport coat from Christopher James. The team at Christopher James will help you find the best sport coat for your frame in a flattering fit and style for a great price. Visit us to find a well-fitting blazer that can take you from a job interview, to the board room, to a cocktail party. 

We know a thing or two about style, but we also know our cocktails and cocktail parties. The management team here at Christopher James is particular to a reliably good Rum and Coke cocktail. Invite a few friends, buy a wedge of cheese and water crackers from the grocery, add bunches of grapes and some mixed nuts and you can call it a party. 

Cheers from Christopher James!  



Find Your Best Airport Style at Christopher James

Tis the season for vacation travel, relaxation and family time. Much the way you consider the contents of your vacation luggage, it’s worth taking the time to come up with a few comfortable and versatile options for you to wear during your plane trips to and from your destination. Here are some suggestions from the team at Christopher James before you squeeze in your last trip this summer:

Don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality underwear: You’re going to walk a lot, sit, bend down, stretch and maybe even run while en route to your vacation. Saxx underwear provides a good foundation for comfort and ease.

The reality of travel is that it can take long, involve a lot of walking and moving from cool airport lounges to boarding lines packed with a lot of body heat. A Peter Millar Performance Shirt is ideal for the golf course, but it works perfectly for travel days ahead. The moisture-wicking shirts will keep you cool while you’re walking from one end of the airport to the other. The softness and comfortable fit will make you say, “Flight delay? No sweat!”

Make sure you keep your feet comfortable, too, in a stylishly walkable pair of refined kicks from On. You’ll be ON and cushy while walking to your flight terminal in trendy On shoes.

Versatility: Emanuel Berg offers casual styles that can be left untucked and look great with soft 34 Heritage jeans. You’ll look great even after your delayed flight or waiting an extra hour for your luggage to arrive. You won’t be late for a quick nightcap in this outfit. Throw on a sport coat and call it a day.

Safe travels this summer season from Christopher James. See you soon.


Have a Heart – Donate Blood at The Christopher James Blood Drive!

There is a blood shortage and we need to help.  An American Red Cross Bloodmobile will be on site outside our store and taking blood donations. I give blood every 8 weeks and it is a simple process that usually takes 30 – 45 minutes from sit down to completion. Before the Red Cross can commit their time and resources we need to gauge the participation level. We do not have an exact date planned but most likely it will be in August and held on a weekday. I know that you cannot 100% commit without all the specifics but can you get back to me letting me know if you think you may be able to donate? Once I hear back from enough people I can set the time and date and send out a more detailed request.

I have been fortunate to meet a recipient of a donation and he and the Red Cross were VERY appreciative. To show my appreciation anyone who stops in to make a donation will receive a pair of the best men’s socks in the market from our friend Edward Armah along with a certificate to purchase any one in stock regular priced item at 20% off.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Use the form below if you are interested.

YOU’VE Got the Look, With Help from Christopher James

Style and Service in Mens Fashion

Circa 1987 from the Prince album Sign ‘O’ Times, the song “You Got the Look” can be the theme for your relationship with Christopher James. The dedicated and hard-working staff at Christopher James will help you get the look you’re looking for to fill out your summer business wardrobe.

A motto we stand by is that Christopher James in Fort Wayne is a place where “style and service are always in fashion.” Don’t take our word for it! Test the waters for yourself today by dropping in to check out our latest line of suits and sport coats from brands like Coppley, Byron or Maurizio Baldassari.

It’s always the right time to feel good about how you look. The right fit, style and length of a sport coat or suit can do wonders for your appearance. There are several guidelines to keep in mind that the staff at Christopher James can walk you through. If you generally veer toward a more conservative look, put yourself in the expert hands of the Christopher James associates and they’ll help you summon the courage to try something edgier. Don’t limit yourself to muted tones and solid colors. We can show you how to pair patterned sport coats with the right dress shirt from Robert Talbott or Peter Millar that’s right for your personality and work setting.

Men’s clothing with personal accesorries isolated on white background (with clipping path)


See you soon this summer at Christopher James!



Tee Off in Style with Christopher James!

Fort Wayne’s Mens Apparel HQ for Fashionable Golf Clothes

The links are ready and your golf clubs are waiting! Stop in at Christopher James in Fort Wayne today to check out the latest golf wear you need to score your next Double Eagle.

It’s a no-brainer that a pair of shorts GFORE calls “Killer Ts” will be your lucky charm the next time you’re out on the course. Pair them with a soft, solid or subtly striped polo and you’ll feel like a stylish pro golfer in no time. The shorts come in bright blue or you can opt for a less jaunty look by choosing a beige plaid.

The GFORE team prides itself on conducting practical and realistic quality assurance testing by spending hours testing prototypes on the golf range. The shorts are comfortable enough to move through your swings and walks.

If you your golf outfits are covered, consider a new pair of golf shoes. It’s important to replace your shoes every three to five years, the experts say. Entrust your feet in the waterproof leather that will help you maintain your stability and comfort. Aside from shoes, take a look at our GFORE caps! Keep the sun out of your eyes and your eyes on the game with the help of a snazzy new GFORE cap.  

Stop in at Christopher James soon!


Graduation Gift Shopping for HIM in Fort Wayne Indiana

The Best Gifts for Your Favorite Grad  


Winter is finally(!) over and the end of the school year has arrived. It’s an exciting time for grads, so help them celebrate with a stylish gift or two from Fort Wayne’s Christopher James. Here are some of the hot items on our list:

Refined shirts: Reality is setting in and with a job in corporate America (or a non-profit or academic) around the corner, your favorite grad needs to look the part. A new Emanuel Berg shirt will quickly become a favorite in your grad’s spring wardrobe. The fine Italian fabrics and perfect fit makes the product well worth it. If your gift recipient is headed to a more relaxed work environment, opt for a shirt from Emanuel Berg that can be worn untucked. Not just any shirt can be worn this way. We can show your grad how to do it.

Dress socks: We’re not talking about six-packs of socks you can buy in varying patterns. Instead, think of the most luxuriously soft and high quality socks that will wrap your graduate’s feet in comfort all day while at the office. Esquire Magazine hasn’t declared VKNagrani socks the “best dress socks in the world” for no reason. Pay us a visit at Christopher James and we’ll show you why your grad deserves a pair or two.

Half-zip sweaters: A half-zip sweater from Peter Millar is an incredibly versatile wardrobe staple that your grad can wear to the office over a dress shirt or out with shorts or a pair of chinos on a cool day. Layer one under a sport coat until Mother Nature figures out exactly what season we’re in. We have many colors to choose from to pair with a mix of patterned shirts.

A Christopher James gift card: Congratulate your gift recipient with a Christopher James gift card! They’ll be in great hands with our expert staff should they need any advice on suiting, accessories or fashionable matches. See you soon!


Sport Coats in Fort Wayne

The Versatility of the Sport Coat

The sport coat has evolved from being hunting attire to a wardrobe staple in many a gentleman’s closet. Sure, a suit is a must, but a sport coat is a necessary staple. At Christopher James in Fort Wayne, we’ll show you how to dress it up with slacks or pair it with jeans or casual chinos. Wear one to a funeral, for an evening out, to a more affable job interview, to a wedding, to your child’s school play or a special work function.

At Christopher James, you’ll find smart, quality sport coat selections from Coppley and Byron, among others. If you’re more prone to play it safe and stick to a traditional solid navy blue blazer, visit our store for the guidance and courage to step out of your comfort zone. Our expert Christopher James staff can show you how patterned sport coats and can truly act as a neutral for dress and casual occasions.

Now is a great time to consider new additions to your sport coat collection, thanks to a special offer you can find here. You’ll love the lightweight spring options, colors, styles and fits. See you at Christopher James soon!

Accessories You Can’t Do Without This Spring

How to Accessorize your Wardrobe in Fort Wayne

Gentlemen, don’t overlook new accessories to add to your spring wardrobe this season in Fort Wayne. Whether it’s a pop of color, something new to cinch your waist or a little something out of the ordinary around your neck to complete your look, count on the expert staff at Christopher James to share their expertise on the additions to invest in this spring:

Pocket squares: The smallest details can make the biggest impact. Don’t underestimate the power of the pocket square. Not to be confused with a handkerchief, a colorfully bold pocket square tucked into your jacket breast pocket is all for show and will help you show well. The colors are rich this season — think vibrant blues, red, coral, purple, pink, yellow and orange. Check out our picks from Carrot and Gibbs, Edward Armah and Robert Talbott.

Belts: It’s always helpful to have a smart, sophisticated classic belt in buttery leather from Trafalgar or W. Kleinberg. No need to match your belt to shoes. Instead, choose a complementary color. Play it safe and steer clear of picking a belt in a contrasting color against a dark background.

Underclothes: Who thought underwear could be life changing? You’ll be a believer, too, when you try out Saxx underwear for yourself. They’re well worth the investment. You can choose the material and fit that’s right for you.

Refined sneakers: The brands are many, the colors are endless, the styles are smart and the concept is most welcome. Sneakers you can wear to work! Who knew? With selections from Wolverine and Peter Millar, you’ll have many to choose from.

Stop in to our Ft Wayne Store soon and the Christopher James staff will help you accessorize!


Spring Fashion at Christopher James

April Showers Bring May … Colors?

Flowers are blooming in Fort Wayne and so why not mirror some of the beautiful colors you see outside? Studies indicate that different hues can certainly have an effect on one’s mood and energy levels, so stow away the dark blues, browns and greens and opt for lighter blues, shades of yellow and different pastels.

If you’re not one to wear lighter colored-shirts on top, try easing into spring with accessories from Christopher James that introduce calming colors like blues, inject you with energy, thanks to the likes of shades of violet and red and douse you with rays of sunshine from happy colors like yellows and greens.

Pick up a new pair of socks or a spring-y Robert Talbott tie. Opting for a patterned shirt could be a bold step for some. Loosen the proverbial — or figurative, these days — tie and consider an Emanuel Berg pocket square with bright colors that scream warmer temperatures, brighter moods and new life. A much smaller footprint with a potential to make or break your look, why not take a fashionable leap of faith and stick a stylishly bold pocket square in your blazer breast pocket

Think spring and see you at Christopher James soon!

Look Your Best at Prom, Thanks to Christopher James!

Prom is a serious rite of passage, so gentlemen, rely on our team at Christopher James to help you look your best. We partner with Jim’s Formalwear Network to offer you many varied tux rental options that span different styles and colors.

You’ll see options for timeless, classic looks and slim-fitting modern styles. On the Christopher James site, you’ll find a wizard to help you build your tux. Let’s start with your jacket: You can choose a tuxedo or suit type and the lapel style you prefer, such as notch, peak or shawl. You can also choose how many buttons you’d like on your jacket. Are you more of a one-button or four-button kind of guy?

Next, your pants: Consider pleated, flat, modern slim or ultra slim. Do you have a specific designer in mind? Enter that into the wizard. If this sounds like a daunting task, no worries! Stop in and visit us in Fort Wayne and we’ll help you pick the tux for a most memorable evening during your high school career. Better yet, visit our Facebook page for a special savings offer on your tux rental.


See you soon at Christopher James!