Robert Graham Celebrates an Anniversary with New Collection, available in Fort Wayne!

When it was time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his brand designer and creator Robert Stock knew that he had to do something special; something that would truly showcase his sense of fashion, and allow men to show off their true style. And so, he created the Robert Graham X collection.


The X collection is in keeping with the true luxury style that RG designs are known for, and 40 intricately-designed shirts are included. Each of these designs is taken from one of RG’s most popular patterns from the past ten years, and is re-created within this collection to celebrate the best of the past decade. To set these shirts apart even further from any other design, RG or otherwise, inside the collar and on the placket of the cuff you’ll find an embroidered “X” to showcase the fact that the shirt is from the anniversary collection.

There is truly nothing like wearing RG designs, and simply donning this brand of designer menswear sets you apart as someone who cares to wear only the best. But when you want to take the exclusivity factor a little further, you need to wear the X anniversary collection.

When it’s Time to Buy Bugatchi, go to the Best Place to Buy Mens Clothes in Indiana!

When you dare to wear the very best, everyone will know that you buy Bugatchi. And while other brands may claim that you can pick any of their pieces out in a crowd, this has never been truer than it is with Bugatchi, one of the most unique names in designer menswear.

Think big, think bold, think out of the box! This, and so much more, is what you’ll get when you buy Bugatchi, because that’s what this designer is all about. Bugatchi creates extremely wild patterns, prints, and just crazy designs on each and every one of his dress and mens casual shirts. The patterns and wild, loud colors are truly beyond boundaries, and nothing that anyone has ever seen before. Yet, when you do see it, you wonder why no one has thought of it before. It’s because there is only one Bugatchi, and there is only one Bugatchi vision.


Bugatchi makes sure to capture all the senses though, focusing not solely on just artistic expressions for the eyes to behold, but also the finest materials and fabrics that beg to be touched. All of them created with the finest craftsmanship that ensures not only a long shirt life, but a more flattering fit, too.

When you want people to know that you’re wearing the very best, that you’re wearing Bugatchi, come see us at CJ Menswear. We are the best place to buy mens clothes in Indiana and we can help you find a shirt that fits your personality just as much as it fits, well, Bugatchi’s!

Robert Graham is Growing to Give You More in Fort Wayne!

Have you seen a slew of marketing campaigns for Robert Graham collections lately? There’s a reason for it – and plenty why you should pick up many of these designs for your own closet!

RG designs have always brought the best mens sportswear to men all around the world. His designs are known for their pops in color, for their uniqueness, and for being some of the best styles on the market today. But the problem was, these designs weren’t well-known enough. Robert Stock, the designer, wanted a higher profile and wanted to bring his creations to every man; not just the privileged few that have heard about them.

In 2013, RG designs will do just that – bring this brilliant fashion to anyone and everyone that wants to wear it. And the company has started with a major marketing campaign! The campaign was released just this past weekend, and shows a collage of some of Graham’s greatest designs, done in a style of sophistication, not sloppiness. This marketing effort will be focused on branding RG designs in retail stores, and making consumers more aware of the quality of choices that surround them.

It’s also next year that the brand will be opening five new stores across the United States, but you don’t have to wait until then. Come see us at the experienced mens store Fort Wayne and get all your RG designs today!

Find True Luxury with Shearlings in Fort Wayne

Shearlings are back in fashion big time! From aviator jackets to custom clothing and so much more, shearling is back in a way that you’ve never seen it before. But just what is it, and how do you wear it to give your look a contemporary update?

Shearling clothing is any clothing that is made from leather or sheepskin that still has the wool attached. This is most commonly seen in warm jackets and more specifically for men, in aviator jackets. Many of today’s modern men grew up watching their grandfathers and fathers wear these jackets. And while they looked slick and cool, they also clearly had a dated look that just doesn’t fit in with the rest of today’s fashion.

Enter today’s shearling.

With its close cuts that have been totally reinvented and trimmed down, men today can still benefit from the luxury of the James Dean look, without any of the bulkiness that can used to come with these coats.

Go with a short aviator jacket, a mid-length pea coat, or a long detail coat. When you choose expert mens fashion Fort Wayne such as shearling, you can never go wrong!

Do Your Shirts Not Measure Up? With Custom Clothing Like This They Will!

Are you looking for true luxury menswear ( Designer looks that don’t necessarily appear on the designer racks? You just want something different! Is that really too much to ask? Not when you know about the secret of custom clothing ( that comes with every shirt Measure Up makes!

Measure Up isn’t a mens fashion store (, nor are they just another designer name. They are a company that’s dedicated to bringing men luxury shirts that fit them perfectly – they are after all, custom made.

That’s right! When you choose Measure Up clothing, you get a number of different choices and options. Think about over 300 samples of swatches to choose from, more than 30 different collar styles and 11 different styles of cuffs.

Not enough for you? You’ll also get different front and back styles to choose from, as well as a number of different pocket sizes and shapes. Want to take the custom style up to an entirely different level? Why not have your design monogrammed with your very own initials? There’s no better way to say that a shirt was made just for you – and Measure Up has 43 different colors available for monogramming!

Measure Up is largely known for their dress shirts, and with all the options they provide, it’s really no wonder why. But the brand has stepped into the casual department over the past few years too, and these lines are just as compelling as their dress shirts.

When you’re looking for the very best, and clothes that all your own, Measure Up makes them – and we at CJ Menswear carry them!

What are the Benefits of Custom Clothing?

Lots of people know that true luxury menswear means custom clothing; yet they don’t really know what custom-made clothes are, or what makes them so great. So what is it about these clothes that make them the best? In fact, there are a few things!

Fit is the number one reason why people choose custom clothes. No two body types are made the exact same way and as such, no piece of clothing will ever fit two different people perfectly. With custom clothes though, you can rest assure that your clothes will always fit and hang just right – making you look near perfect. This is because custom clothes use your measurements and your size – not just the average body type.

This is because custom clothes are very much like made to measure (, except they’re taken up another level. With custom clothing you don’t only get the very best size that fits you perfectly, but you also get to choose the material, the fabric, and any other accessory or feature you want with your clothes. Of course, you’ll also be able to choose from the very best designer names and styles!

Custom clothes are all the rage, and there is a very good reason for it. It’s because they’re simply the best – in every way you could think of!

Coppley: Small Mens Fashion Store to Global Icon!

Often when you hear of some luxury menswear designer brands, they’re built from generations of family members that began in their home basements, and worked their way up to becoming huge mens specialty stores across the United States, and the entire world! But Coppley is a little different.

Yes, Coppley still began as a small mens fashion store. And yes, today the name brings up images of some of the best designer wear that can be found. But they’re not a family company. They’re some of the best names that have worked in fashion their entire lives.

It actually all began in a factory in Hamilton, Ontario, where fashion designers G.C. Coppley, E. Finch Noyes, and James Randall. Working together, they quickly started putting together top designs and finely stitched garments. In 1950, a Mr. Max Enkin purchased the store, and that was when success truly started to come.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the brand focused on expanding into American and European fashion brands; and in the 1980s the brand really started to take off. It became known as the brand that created modern fashion for men, and truly put their own spin on apparel.

What really defined Coppley though, was in the 1990s. This era began the casual fashion movement, and stores around the world started to reduce their inventory because suits were just no longer as high in demand as they once were. Coppley changed with the times, and was the first designer to offer made to measure clothing in just seven days. That was something to take notice of, as at the time, it generally took much longer to get such a garment together.

Coppley has been changing the way fashion works for decades, and today is no different. This brand continues to revamp fashion using different lines and fits, so that the modern man can always find what he’s looking for!

Who is Hickey Freeman? True Luxury Menswear!

You know that when clothing is made in a place called “The Temple,” you’re dealing with true luxury menswear . But just wear did this brand come from?

It all started when two young entrepreneurs, Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey, met and wanted to bring high quality clothing to the masses. Hickey and Freeman weren’t just interested in opening another mens fashion store, or even a mens specialty store. They wanted to create an entirely different brand that used the most modern technology, and the finest handcrafted and hand-tailored quality in every single piece.

And yes, it all happens at “The Temple.” Not an actual temple, but instead a 77,000 square foot warehouse in Rochester, New York. It’s here that the best tailors from all four corners of the world meet to create sleeves, stitch collars, and shape lapels until they’re just exactly right. Each one is a master in their own right, and eachspecializes in a different area of garment-making. This is why it’s not only each piece of Hickey Freeman clothing that defines quality, but every stitch of every piece does!

These tailors, as well as anyone who wishes to visit The Temple, are reminded of that dedication to quality each time they enter. Carved in oak above the door is the phrase “Keep the Quality Up.” This is the Hickey Freeman motto and vision statement – today, tomorrow, and always. It’s why their garments are so beautiful, and why generations of men continue to wear only the best. Only Hickey Freeman.

Need the Perfect Formalwear for your Holiday? Here’s how to choose it!

Like so many people, you probably have plans this holiday. Whether it’s a big party or just a small office meeting, you need the right Northern Indiana formalwear for it. So how do you choose? By following these tips!

Whether you’re wearing a tuxedo or a fine men’s suit, you always have to make sure that it fits, and that it’s of very good quality. While it may be tempting to purchase a budget suit, especially if this is the only occasion you’ll wear it for, don’t do it! One look will let everyone know that that’s not the best suit you could find, and it probably won’t fit you perfectly either.

Quality mens clothing Indiana doesn’t always mean wearing just boring white dress-up shirts underneath those luxury menswear suit jackets. It’s the holidays, so feel free to jazz it up a little! You can go super bold, with crazy colors and patterns; or if you’re the more conservative kind, choose stripes instead. Maybe
you can even find some in crazy colors!

When you’re attending a holiday party and not going to work or another formal event, the amount of accessories you pair with your suit is up to you. While cuff links or a tie may not be totally necessary, the right pair of shoes is! Make sure that they’re dress shoes and that they’re polished – and that they match your pants!

Don’t get too stressed out about how to dress for your party. After all, it’s the holidays! Follow these tips, and follow your own instinct, and you’ll be the best dressed one there!

Fall at Christopher James

We have enjoyed receiving a wide variety of merchandise over the last month and we have the store ready for the Fall/Winter season! Also we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came out to our October 12th trunk show, “Sweet Clothes, Sweet Cars and Fine Cigars”. It was a huge success. as we donated over$1,500 to local Lendingahand charities and had a great time in the process. Big thanks to our friends at Casa, Jim Casaburo and the always exciting Chef Al, as well as the entertainment, Alicia Pyle, for helping to create such a great atmosphere.

Cathy, Tom, Sherill and Max I have chosen some of our favorite items and outfits for the fall season. Below the photo’s is a description of the items in the photo’s.

Photo 1

Robert Talbott Sport Coat, Robert Talbott Tie, Eton Shirt, Sanyo Jacket, Salvatore Flannel Pants


Photo 2

Eton Shirts and Ties


Photo 3

Suit on the left: Paul Betenly Suit, White Andrew J Shirt, Robert Talbott Tie

Suit on the Right: Hickey Freeman Suit, Eton Shirt, Robert Talbott Tie

Photo 4

Victorinox Vest, Sport Shirt and Scarf

Photo 5

Peter Millar Vest, Sweater and Sport Shirt, Scarf by J.M Dickens

Photo 6

Assorted Wolverine Boots


Photo 7

Coppley Suit, Eton Shirt, Robert Talbott Tie, Edward Armah Pocket Circle, JM Dickens Scarf

Photo 8

Coppley Sport Jacket, Eton Tie, Robert Talbott Tie

Photo 9

Allen Edmonds Ridgeway, W. Klienberg Belt, Victorinox Hat

If you see anything you would like to get more information on leave a comment, or even better come on in! We are open Monday through Friday 10 to 7 and Saturday 10 to 5. We are very excited about a few new brands for fall and as the season progresses we will be sharing “brand profiles” and other exciting news here on our blog.

We hope to see you soon!