Two Must-Haves for Spring in Fort Wayne: Pocket Squares and Rounds

Spring is here (or on it’s way, at least) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and thus it’s time to have a little more fun with accessories. Two hot accouterments this season are pocket squares and pocket rounds, both perfect for adding a little fun to your tux, suit jacket or sport coat.

What’s the difference between a pocket square and pocket round? Well, simply put, one is square and the other is round. (They don’t call me “Captain Obvious” for nothing.) The former puts a bit more of a traditional accent on your look, and the latter a slightly more casual, and social tone (but still refined–it is a jacket pocket accessory, after all).


For example, Robert Talbott has made some exquisite silk pocket squares for this season, all highly-detailed and colorful. Here are just a few:

Robert Talbott Spring 2014 Pocket Squares

Robert Talbott Spring 2014 Pocket Squares

For pocket rounds, CJM is currently loving those by Edward Armah. Edward Armah is a king in the world of menswear accessories, especially pocket accessories. The trim on these pocket rounds are fantastic:

edward amah pocket rounds

Edward Amah pocket rounds. The colors and detail are incredible.

A round will look a little less structured in your breast pocket than a square, hence the more casual look. Here’s a helpful You Tube video on how to fold a pocket round.

Both pocket squares and pocket rounds are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and personality to your look. Plus, they’re just kinda fun, being that they come in an endless array of colors and patterns.

Finally, these accessories are just what a man in Fort Wayne needs to usher himself into the much awaited spring, and out of this seemingly forever winter. So come in and see us at Christopher James Menswear in Covington Plaza, in Fort Wayne, and will help you pick out the perfect pocket squares and rounds.

Get a Tuxedo or Suit for Prom at CJM in Fort Wayne (and a Prom FAQ)

Get a Tuxedo or Suit for Prom at CJM in Fort Wayne

It is prom season here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Christopher James Menswear has everything you need to look like the prom king, even if you don’t actually get the crown. We’ve also prepared answers to a few frequently asked questions about prom style etiquette, because, well, that’s what we do here at CJM.

Q: What’s the difference between a tux and a suit?

A: Basically, tuxedos have satin and suits don’t. A tuxedo typically has satin lapels, pocket trim, and buttons, and sometimes a stripe running down the side of the leg. A suit on the other hand, is made of all one fabric. Here is a helpful video that illustrates the differences.

Q:  So, should I wear a tux or suit to prom?
A: It is a matter of personal preference. Suits have become a popular, slightly more relaxed option for men who don’t feel comfortable super decked out. If you go with a suit, up your game with accessories like a pocket square, cufflinks, and a bow tie, and really nail the fit. If you wear a tux, be sure you have the right shoes.

If you want a tuxedo, Christopher James Menswear offers tuxedo rentals through our friends at Jim’s Formal Wear and can offer tons of options and advice on the best tux for you.

Q: Do my accessories have to match my date’s prom dress?
A: This is a question for your date. If she doesn’t have a preference, the choice is yours. Matching your accessories to your tux or suit is more traditional, while matching your date is a little more modern. If you do decide to match, just make sure your accessories are the exact same color.

Q: Should I get her a corsage?
A: Yes, and be sure to specify a wrist corsage when you order it. This will save you from the potential awkwardness of having to pin it on her dress (i.e. near her chest) in front of her parents. You’re welcome.

Q: Bow tie or long tie?
A: Personally, I say bow tie, because hey, it’s prom, and you might as well do it up and get fancy. Also, technically a bow tie is the correct neckwear option for a tuxedo. But this is 2014, and if you feel more comfortable in a long tie, that’s okay too.

A long tie emphasizes the V shape created by your shirt when your jacket is closed, which makes your shoulders look broad and your waist small (e.g. manly). A bow tie preserves the V shape as well, but draws more attention to your face (a tie draws the eye downward).


Need Men’s Shoes? We Have the Best at CJM in Fort Wayne

mens shoes fort wayne indiana

View more photos of our shoe selection on Facebook

One thing many people don’t know about Christopher James Menswear is that we have the best shoe selection in northeast Indiana. It is a bold statement, but CJM owner, Chris Lambert, has the confidence to back it up. “One day, a gentleman who shops all the big cities–Las Vegas, New York, etc.–came in and was amazed that we had Donald Pliner shoes in stock. People are always amazed at how many styles we carry.”

For even more photos of CJM’s shoe selection, view our Spring Shoes album on Facebook.

CJM carries the acclaimed Allen Edmonds, Cole Haan (for Spring 2014 only), Martin Dingman, Wolverine, and the aforementioned Donald Pliner.

We have an array of wingtips, slip-ons, drivers, saddles (several with Nike sole technology, no less), buckles, tassels, and in a variety of colors and high-quality leathers. We guarantee we have your next favorite pair of shoes–whether they are for the office, the weekend, or even a hot date (ladies always look at the shoes, gentlemen).

Also, science says that the more shoes you buy, the sooner spring will come and this polar vortex business will be over with. And you can’t argue with science. So, come into Christopher James Menswear today and try on a few pairs from our unparalleled shoe selection.

What’s so great about the Robert Talbott seven-fold tie? Pretty much everything.

Black  chequer necktie Nary will you find a tie nicer than a seven-fold tie. You can search high and low, from Fort Wayne, Indiana to New York City, but the consensus will be that seven-fold ties are the crème de la crème of ties.

It is two and half yards of fabric folded in on itself seven times, so that you have a tie that needs no lining and practically knots itself. The draping is exquisite, and it doesn’t bind because there is no liner getting in the way.

The seven-fold tie came about in the early 19th century and were a popular accessory among big-wig businessmen, but then they disappeared in the 1930s—a casualty of the Great Depression and silk shortages caused by unrest in China.

Then, in the 1980s, Robert Talbott brought the seven-fold tie back to life. With the help of a retired Yugoslavian artisan, Lydia Grayson, Robert Talbott rediscovered the seven-fold, and after four years of perfecting its construction, the company launched its own seven-fold tie.

The seven-fold tie possesses as much craftsmanship as it does fabric. It is meticulously pleated and then hand-stitched to hold together. Only 12 such ties are made a day. The year’s allotment of 3,000 are quickly snapped up by retailers when they are released quarterly. Talbott caps the production of each design at 40 ties.

“The Robert Talbott seven-fold tie is luxurious, high quality, and rare,” explains Chris Lambert, owner of Christopher James Menswear. “If you are looking to project an image of sophistication and elegance, this is the tie you want. And when you wear a tie, the eye is naturally drawn to that area, so a Robert Talbott seven-fold really makes a good impression.”

Visit us at Christopher James Menswear and see one of these exquisite ties for yourself. There really is nothing quite like it.

Coppley Custom Suits are in Fort Wayne at CJM

Coppley Custom Suits Available in Fort Wayne

Many men shy away from custom suits because they fear the expense or the time commitment, and opt instead for OTR (off the rack) suits at a department store or online. What they do not realize is that spending hours in a department store trying on one OTR suit after another (or more annoying: mailing things back that don’t fit) can be more time-consuming, more stressful, and only marginally cheaper than having something custom made.

That being said, not all custom suit makers are created equal, which is why Christopher James Menswear proudly carries Coppley, one of the most reputable custom suit and sport coat makers in the business. Coppley, based in Canada, has been in the biz since 1883 and possesses an impressive supply of more than 400 luxury fabrics from around the globe.

Coppley’s Spring 2014 Collection is especially noteworthy, especially for those leery of custom clothing. The collection focuses on neutrals: greys, blues, and tans, which are essential for a versatile, more-bang-for-your-buck, wardrobe.

See the Coppley Spring 2014 Collection here.

Fabric-wise, if you like Italian textiles, then you will like this collection. But no worries if you don’t–as mentioned, Coppley has more than 400 fabrics for you to choose from.

As for fit, this season’s collection is all about the slim silhouette, à la Mad Men, but can of course it be cut however you want. For more on the current slim suit trend, read our blog post on the topic.

We are positive you will admire Coppley as much as we do, so come in today and try on some things on. We have expert staff and tailors to help assist you in the custom suit process, so you will save time and avoid stress. (Insider tip: you can also sip on a glass of wine as you shop…Did the custom suit process just get a whole lot more appealing? Thought so.)

Christopher James Trunk Show This Weekend

THIS WEEKEND – Spring Trunk Show at Christopher James!

It’s time to think spring! I don’t care what the temperature is, how much snow is still on the ground or how many more potholes my car will have to endure.

Let’s put this winter behind us and look forward to warm days, cold beverages and cool clothes….

Come in this Friday, March 14 and Saturday, March 15 as we celebrate the best in men’s fashion with our Spring into Fashion Trunk Show featuring Coppley custom clothing; Scabal world class fabrics, Robert Talbott shirts, ties, and sportswear; Allen Edmonds shoes and belts and tasty Italian delicacies and drinks from our friends at Casa.

This two day event kicks off Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm and continues through Saturday. Our friends from these companies and the food and drink will be highlighted Friday night. Pick the day that works best for you but don’t miss this opportunity to check out the best in men’s fashion for spring 2014.

We look forward to seeing you.

Scabal, the best in fine fabrics, will be at CJM in Fort Wayne


On the topic of dressing right, a lot is said about fit, but not enough about an equally important facet of good style, which is: quality fabric. Seriously. A stellarly-cut suit that looks like it was made from a trash bag just looks like a trash bag. Real talk.

Anyway, because good fabric is so important, CJM is excited that a representative from Scabal, manufacturer of some of the world’s rarest, most luxurious and high-end fabrics, will be in the Christopher James Menswear on March 14-15, to talk about the makings of quality cloth. See our blog post about the Spring 2014 Trunk Show to learn more.

For instance, a good suit is not just a piece of clothing. It is an investment. It can influence how far you get up the corporate ladder, or whether you land that next big deal. So, with any investment, you do your research. You wouldn’t buy a car without inspecting it from hood to trunk, right? It shouldn’t be any different with a suit, and fabric is one detail you don’t overlook (instead of MPGs, you are looking at super 150s. Same concept, really).

Scabal makes the highest quality suiting fabric in the biz, and custom suits that are both breathable and durable. Some of their fabrics are even woven with diamonds. No joke. They call it their “Diamond Chip” cloth because tiny diamond fragments are intricately woven into the cloth, giving it a subtle sheen. It’s pretty amazing. Here’s a sport coat from Scabal’s first-ever “Diamond Chip Jacketing Collection”:

scabal fabric scabal sport coat

This and more will be at the trunk show, and you’ll be able to ask a Scabal representative everything you ever wanted to know about suiting fabric. Of course, the best part is that you can have a suit made from a Scabal fabric of your choice. So, don’t miss it.

The 2014 Spring Trunk Show will be held March 14-15, 2014 at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind. Light food and drink will be provided. See you there!