The Art of Layering

Coppley Suit

The winters are cold here in Fort Wayne, so undoubtedly you need several layers to keep warm. But layering isn’t always as easy as piling on a few different shirts. You have to combine complementary fabrics and prints.

This is why Christopher James Menswear loves Monterey, California-based designer Robert Talbott, who makes a line of sport shirts that are perfect for layering. Keep a few of these in your closet and you won’t even have to think about what goes with what.

Robert Talbott sport shirts come in a variety of subdued prints and solid colors—navy, olive, gray, plum, and others. Most are 100% cotton, and natural fabrics are the best insulators.

Top one of these bad boys with a zip-up cashmere sweater (also an excellent insulator—lightweight and impossibly warm), and you are ready to spend a weekend in a chalet in the Swiss Alps (or on your couch in Fort Wayne, either one).

If it is casual Friday at the office, wear one of Robert Talbott’s sport shirts under a V-neck sweater and accessorize with a Robert Talbott tie (also a great product from this designer).

Just remember: when you layer, choose one print or brighter color, and pair it with a solid, or neutral color. The patterned garment should be the bottom layer, generally. Also–and maybe this goes without saying–layering is a more casual look, so it’s best to avoid shiny fabrics and anything that is overly formal.

Come into Christopher James Menswear and we will help you pick a few things out.

‘Dem’s Da Breaks: How Long to Wear Your Pants


Let’s take a break to discuss breaks.

We have superb in-house tailors here at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and so this post is in honor of them.

A break, in fashion speak, refers to the horizontal line that occurs in the fabric when your pants hit your shoes. A break is categorized based on how pronounced it is, or rather, how much fabric you have piling up around your ankles. There are many names for pant breaks (deep, full, quarter, half, short, etc.), but basically, they all boil down to three lengths: short, medium, and full. Read on for a description of each.

1. Short

A short break is when the bottom of your pants hit just below the top of your shoes, leaving the laces exposed. Short breaks are very fashion-forward, but I’m guessing you are a business man and that, unless you are the CFO of Vogue, shorts pants don’t fly in your office. That’s why the next break—medium—is likely the one for you.

2. Medium

Not too long, not too short, just right. The medium break is the standard among executives. In the front your pants cover the top of your shoe and most of your shoelaces, while in the back, the hem slopes downward, creating a mild horizontal break. It is classic, clean, and professional.

3. Full

A full break is when you just let it all hang down. I think the full break looks unkempt—as if you bought pants that were too long and didn’t care to get them tailored, but it is considered a trendier style for those who like to push boundaries. Either way, it is probably not the best look for the boardroom.

Of course, which break works best ultimately depends on the man. You have to take into account height and weight, and what looks best with your body shape. If you are not sure what works for you, come into Christopher James Menswear and one of our expert tailors will size you up (in a good way).

Wolverine Boots are a Must-Have for Men in Fort Wayne, IN

553403_425896970807313_1821412295_nThe one thing about the polar vortex that is for sure is that it wreaks havoc on your footwear. Shallow, perhaps, but true. All that ice, sidewalk salt, snow, slush, and whatever they all become once pooled on the ground, is the nemesis of nice shoes.

But there is a solution for the men of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and it is a brand of boots called Wolverine (unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on your view—they are not associated with the famous X-Men character). Wolverine makes elegant, cold-weather boots that are perfect for men in Indiana, where snow, rain and frigid temperatures often occur all at once, making it seemingly impossible to dress stylishly and not ruin your favorite footwear.

Wolverine is actually best known for its high-quality, durable work boots, but Christopher James Menswear carries their casual styles. So, these boots have all the makings of durable, warm work boots, but are sleek and casual enough to wear to brunch or run weekend errands.

And did I mention that they just look cool? They are sleek but a little rugged too. Pair them with dark washed jeans, a plaid button down, and a cashmere sweater (layers on men is an especially popular look these days), and you are good to go.

Ingenious Collar Stays Available in Fort Wayne at CJM


One of the most annoying things in the world is a wayward shirt collar. You fuss with it every five minutes—pulling, re-tucking, tugging…after a while it feels like self-conscious origami. Thankfully however, the men of Fort Wayne need not worry about collars that are all sorts of all over the place, because Christopher James Menswear carries Würkin Stiff collar stays.

What is a Würkin Stiff collar stay? It is a tiny piece of magic. That and it is also a small metal bar that you insert in your collar to make it stand up straight all day long. It takes less than 10 seconds to place and you don’t have to think about it again for the rest of the day.

Watch this video to see exactly how it works, around the 2:13 minute mark.

It is bafflingly easy, and saves you from looking like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Unless you want to look like John Travolta is SNF. If so, Würkin Stiff collar stays come with tiny magnets that you position underneath your collar, so that it stands up any way you please.

Since the magnets go under the shirt collar, no one will see them. Brilliant.

You want your colleagues in the boardroom focusing on your well-crafted business proposal, not your sad, floppy collar. Come into Christopher James Menswear and get yourself some essential Würkin Stiff collar stays today.

3 Reasons to Shop for Menswear at CJM in Fort Wayne

Christopher James Menswear Specialty Store Fort WayneThere are many benefits to shopping in a specialty store like Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne. Here we will discuss three.

Many men are not keen on shopping. The word alone conjures traumatic images of holding their wife or girlfriend’s purse as she digs through endless racks of clothing for hours just to buy what she already has, or spending time at the mall when a Packer’s game is on…or when paint is drying.

So when it comes to shopping for himself, a man usually wants whatever is quick and easy (i.e. letting the wife pick up whatever she thinks is best while he stays at home watching the game).

But—and no offense to any man’s wife’s tastes—this is the wrong approach.

Not just any old pair of pants will do. Not just any dress shirt with buttons and a collar from a department store or online will say to your boss, “This guy is magnificently capable and you should promote him and invite him to play golf.” A polo shirt tucked into cargo khakis won’t tell your date, or wife, that you have sex appeal.

A smart man knows that dressing well is the key to success in all facets of life and that in order to dress well, a man needs to take an active role in designing his wardrobe.

This is where specialty stores, like CJ Menswear, come in:

Reason #1 to shop in a specialty store

The expertise. CJ Menswear’s expert tailors and sales consultants have decades of experience in menswear and know their stuff. They will find you suits that fit, styles that you feel comfortable in, and of course, they will tell you when something isn’t working (true friends are honest, right?).

Reason #2 to shop in a specialty store

It saves time. A man could waste hours in a department store scavenging through racks for a few things that basically fit, or a few minutes ordering garments online only to return them immediately. With an expert at your side, you get it right the first time.

Reason #3 to shop in a specialty store

The service factor. You can get treated like gold or bulldozed by a mom on a time crunch. Your choice. CJ Menswear is independently owned and therefore has the ability to fine-tune the environment, perhaps to make it more comfortable, or manly. Here you can sip on wine and watch the game.

Once you shop in a specialty store like Christopher James Menswear, you will find it hard to go back to the mall. Excellent service paired with excellent results is hard to quit. Come into Christopher James Menswear today and see why.

Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution in One Trip to Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne

made to measure

What is the fastest way to lose ten pounds this year?

Wear a suit that fits.

Fit is everything when it comes to a looking good in a suit. If it is too tight, you look like you’re bursting at the seams (perhaps literally). If it is too big, you look like you have something to hide. And don’t be fooled: not even the nicest, most expensive fabric or designer nametag can save an ill-fitting suit.

Getting your suit made-to-measure is the only way to ensure you are wearing a suit that not only fits, but fits like a glove.

At Christopher James Menswear, our made-to-measure process involves our expert tailors taking your exact measurements and allowing you to choose from thousands of fabric and color swatches.

The process may sound daunting and time consuming, with all the swatches, measurements, and decisions that need to be made, but we can assure you that it is neither. In fact, made-to-measure saves you time. Rather than spending hours in a department store (or worse, online) trying on suits that, “kinda sorta fit here, but not really there,” made-to-measure suiting only requires one fitting (with possible tweaks when the final product comes in). And with our team of experts to assist you, making decisions on color and fabric will be easy.  Did we mention there is complimentary wine and you can watch the game while you get measured?

We also have various price points, so whether you are a high-ranking executive or a talented rookie on the up and up, we have pricing options that should fit as well as your custom suit.

In as little as four weeks (that’s how long it takes for your suit to arrive), you will have lost 10 pounds with zero effort. Who said New Year’s resolutions were hard?

Come into Christopher James Menswear and get measured for a custom suit. It is well worth it.

Peter Millar, Understated Luxury Menswear in Indiana

Upscale mens sportswear mens designer denim and sharp blazers, you’ll find it all when you take a look at even just a few Peter Millar designs. But there’s something different about this luxury menswear It doesn’t look like the others, and it doesn’t feel like the others either. It’s not only stylish, it’s comfortable! And that’s why Peter Millar prefers to call themselves a lifestyle brand, and not a fashion brand.

Within any Peter Millar collection, you won’t find one stiff blazer, one pair of ill-placed seams, or one pair of shoes that were simply too tight to be comfortable. Peter Millar knows that dressing well doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, it’s about showing people how comfortable you are with just being you. It’s about telling people that you wear only the best, but not in a way that’s snobbish or ultra-debonair. Just a way that’s totally you.

Best of all, Peter Millar doesn’t just follow trends and churn out the same styles that you’ll see everywhere else. While the designs are consistently understated, Peter Millar continues to set their own trends and continues to also develop their own fits and cuts, as well as their own unique patterns and designs.

When you want to be stylish but comfortable, and well-dressed without a hint of pretense, you need to wear Peter Millar.

When the Weather Turns Cold, you Need Better Menswear Fort Wayne

The snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and you need better menswear Fort Wayne This year, make sure that you put Codice sweaters on your wish list, to keep you comfortable and cozy while keeping that same sophisticated style you love.

Within the array of this luxury menswear you’ll find everything from cable knit sweaters to pullovers and heavy cable knit sweaters to lighter-weight cotton twills and tweeds. If you want something lighter, Codice’s button sweaters, which include three large buttons down from the collar, are a great option. These are lightweight like a long-sleeved t-shirt, but are a bit more stylish and will keep you warm on even the snowiest nights.

You’ll also find an assortment of colors along with styles to choose from with Codice sweaters, everything from neutral grays to two-tone browns and golds. Not are these colors kept neutral to keep anyone looking and feeling great, but they’re also very warm colors which are perfect for the season. Along with the great colors, Codice also creates many different patterns and designs for those that want to be just a little bit different, and play up the ‘well-dressed’ look a bit.

When you need the right apparel for the season, come see us at CJ Menswear, the best place to buy mens clothes in Fort Wayne We have an entire selection of Codice sweaters, and we’ll be able to help you find the one that’s right for you!

Impulso in Indiana, Luxury Menswear in a Sweater

The only real way to describe Impulso sweaters is by saying that they are sharp. And while that may seem like an understatement, it’s the perfect one for a line of sweaters that is conservative without being boring, and that keeps you looking stylish without being over the top.

Impulso sweaters are true luxury menswear right down to the leather patched elbows that you’ll find on several different styles. But patches are just one way Impulso includes fine style into their sweaters. Within their selection you’ll also find cardigans, pullovers, even hoodies that slightly open at the collar, and that allow you to wear the hood down for a casual look, or up for a mysterious, darker style. Everything gets taken up another notch with this better menswear Fort Wayne even the color selections. Here you’ll have choices such as Bordeaux, ecru, and sand.

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is busy pulling out their Christmas sweaters. Make sure that yours really makes a statement, and if you don’t have one yet, come see us at CJ Menswear. We are the experienced mens apparel store Fort Wayne and our entire selection of Impulso sweaters will be fit for wearing to the big family gathering (or anywhere else) year after year!

Looking for Mens Dress Shoes Fort Wayne? Look No Further than Cole Haan

Last time we talked about Cole Haan, we told you about the many different styles this designer menswear brand offers for any activity, and any day you might have planned. Now we’d like to focus on one of those styles – mens dress shoes Fort Wayne – and tell you why when you’re looking for a pair, there’s no one better than Cole Haan.

Cole Haan dress shoes have some of the best silhouettes on the market. With clean lines and slim and sleek shapes, it’s no wonder that they’re some of the most popular in the entire country. But that shape that you see doesn’t just look great, it’s also what helps keep your foot comfortable while wearing them. Because Cole Haan knows luxury menswear shouldn’t be uncomfortable; in fact, it should make you even more comfortable to be who you are, and to show that off.

One of the features that will keep your foot comfortable is the fact that every pair of Cole Haan shoes has leather lining inside. That lining provides a cushion for your foot and will also absorb odors, but most importantly, that lining will ensure that your shoes are around for a very long time.

Cole Haan knows that dressing well doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, or choosing styles that were never really “you.” That’s why they’ve created some of the most stylish dress shoes in the country. And it’s why we’re so proud to showcase them right here at CJ Menswear.