Who You’ll See At the CJM Trunk Show, March 14-15

trunk show

On March 14-15, Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind. is hosting a spring trunk show, partly in hopes of making the warm weather come a little sooner, and partly (and most importantly) to show you new apparel from four top-notch designers destined to be big this spring: Allen Edmonds, Coppley, Robert Talbott, and Scabal.

Allen Edmonds

What can be said about Allen Edmonds that hasn’t been said a million times? A.E. is the best in men’s dress shoes, beloved by presidents, popes, and businessmen across the globe. They are built to last, they look good, and you make better business decisions while wearing them. Okay, maybe that last one is conjecture, but who’s checking facts here? Anyway, CJM will be debuting A.E.’s newest, highest-quality dress shoes. We also have a bunch of great A.E. belts that you will want to see too.

Coppley Custom Suits and Ties 

Few things are better than knowing you are wearing a suit that fits like a glove. If you want something tailor made, Coppley is the brand you want to work with. They are one of the best when it comes to made-to-measure suits. They have more than 500 luxury fabrics to choose from and will usually turn your suit around in an unprecedented two weeks.

Robert Talbott

Spring is the perfect season for layering and mixing up colors and patterns, and Robert Talbott makes the perfect pieces for doing so. Keep several Robert Talbott pieces in your closet and you won’t even have to think about what goes with what. Check out the Robert Talbott Spring 2014 Lookbook…


Scabal manufacturers some of the rarest and most unique fabrics in the industry. You will be able to have a suit made with the Scabal fabric of your choice, and chat with a representative from the company.

Things kick of Friday, March 14 at 3:00 p.m. Tasty Italian delicacies will be provided from friends at Casa.

Red carpet fashion Q&A with Fort Wayne fashion experts Chis Lambert

Red carpet fashion Q&A with Fort Wayne fashion experts – News-Sentinel.com

Monday, March 3, 2014 – 4:13 pm The News-Sentinel red carpet live chat with Julie Clancy from Jophiel and Chris Lambert from Christopher James Menswear went pretty well – OK it went too well. We had such a large number of participants, it locked some folks out! So, to combat our mess-up, we are still going to dish out the dirt on what your Fort Wayne fashion experts were thinking on the red carpet attires. Here is a Q&A following the live chat, and we touched on some topics thanks to our thought…


Chris Lambert Fort Wayne Fashion Expert

he News-Sentinel red carpet live chat with Julie Clancy from Jophiel and Chris Lambert from Christopher James Menswear. (Photo by Jaclyn Goldsborough of The News-Sentinel)

3 Tips for Ensuring Your Wardrobe Makes the Right First Impression

First Impression

First impressions are tough. You only get one and the stakes are high, especially if it involves a potential or new employer or client. While no one other than you can guarantee that gobbledygook won’t come out of your mouth after your new boss says, “Good morning,” there are other, easier ways to control what people think of you.

When someone doesn’t know you, they use visual clues like clothing and facial expressions to determine if you are the best or worst decision HR ever made. So, make sure you are sending the right signals with the way you dress.

1. Classic is best
In a business setting, it is usually best to keep things classic. Neutral colors like black, gray, brown, or blue, are your best options. While we do love us some print-savvy Robert Graham, it is probably best to save that for when folks know you a little better.

2. Details, details, details!
If you are wearing a suit, make sure it fits, and that your shoes match. Keep everything neat. No sloppiness allowed. You don’t want people to think your work is sloppy too. Here are CJM tips on detail, in more detail (pun intended):

3. Don’t forget the shoes
Eye contact is important to a good first impression, but that doesn’t mean eyes don’t wander elsewhere, like, to your shoes. Make sure you’re sporting nice kicks—like some from Allen Edmonds, for example (everyone loves Allen Edmonds)—and that they are shining just as much as your winning personality.

For more tips on how to make a 10-out-of-10 first impression, come visit the staff at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Don’t Miss Allen Edmonds at the CJM Spring Trunk Show

allen edmonds fort wayne

In hopes that it will speed up the arrival of spring, Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind. is hosting a spring trunk show March 14-15, 2014, and one of the featured collections is a fan favorite: Allen Edmonds.

Allen Edmonds makes the best men’s dress shoes and accessories in the biz. Presidents, popes, and celebrities all wear A.E. In fact, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all share something in common: On Inauguration Day, each wore a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes.

It is obvious why Allen Edmonds is the best of the best. Their shoes last for years, and owners typically repair rather than replace. President George H.W. Bush wrote a letter to the company thanking them for a pair of shoes they gave him, but signed it saying, “The problem is all my other pairs of A.E.’s still are in great shape; but these will be a great addition.”

(That’s quite the endorsement).

Each Allen Edmonds shoe is crafted via a 212-step process (and to think merely tying your laces some mornings pre-coffee is hard) that is a mix of machine and hand, and done right here in the United States, in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

So, come check out CJM’s trunk show on Friday, March 14, and Saturday, March 15, and see the latest Allen Edmonds shoes and belts. (Also featured will be Coppley, Scabel, and Robert Talbott). Tasty Italian delicacies will be provided from friends at Casa. Things kick of Friday at 3:00 p.m.

Peter Millar: Golfing and Greatness


If you go golfing in Fort Wayne, or anywhere for that matter, you probably know the name Peter Millar. It is synonymous with the gold standard for lifestyle golf apparel. Men around the world love Peter Millar for its high quality and ability to be worn on and off the green. It is so lux in fact, that Peter Millar outfitted the International President’s Cup Team.

But the best part about Peter Millar is that despite it being a global brand, it retains its Raleigh, North Carolina roots. It is aristocratic but not stuffy. It’s classic and old-world, but possesses modern American sharpness. It is a glass of 12-year-old, single barrel bourbon, neat.

The other best part about Peter Millar is how its founder, Chris Knott, chose the name for the company. Looking for an aristocratic-sounding name to brand his new venture, he spied one on an old leather lawn bowling ball of his mother’s, and “Peter Millar” it was. If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.

“Our customers love Peter Millar. Its southern, all-American feel resonates here in Fort Wayne,” says Chris Lambert, owner of Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind. “And its appeals to every generation. Both the older guys and the younger guys come in asking for Peter Millar.”

So, if you need something for the golf course or the boardroom (or both), Christopher James Menswear has got you covered. As for your back-swing…well, that’s up to you.

Get a Mad Men-Inspired Suit at CJM in Fort Wayne

mad men suit

The AMC hit show “Mad Men” might be over, but the mysterious Don Draper and his team of politically incorrect but captivating ad execs left an indelible mark on men’s fashion. “Mad Men” did for men what “Sex and the City” did for women: it made just about everyone, from Fort Wayne, to New York, to Los Angeles, want to be a style icon in their own right.

(The show also made people want to drink bourbon in the office at 10a.m.).

“Mad Men” resurrected the restrained, clean-cut 1960’s business style, which featured suits that were slim in cut with skinny lapels, which in turn were paired with skinny ties. Less was more when it came to colors and patterns, and accessories, like cufflinks and pocket squares, were popular ways to signify power and prestige.

Today, the Mad Men-influence is seen on every red carpet, in every fashion magazine, and in boardrooms across the country. “The slimmer fitting suit is a popular option now. Every suit company is trimming their fit somewhat, both in the shoulders and across the middle,” says Chris Lambert, owner of Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Lambert says men shouldn’t be afraid to embrace a closer fit. “If you find the right brand, or go to a good tailor, a slim suit can make you look sharp, clean, and sophisticated.”

One such line that Lambert carries at Christopher James Menswear is Paul Betenly, which features slimmer fitting suits in classic colors.

Of course, if you really want to make sure you are rocking the slim look in a way that best suits your body (no pun intended), you should consider custom made clothing, Lambert says. “Another option is having a slim suit custom made. Then you know it fits.”

Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind. offers custom and made-to-measure suits, and despite common misperceptions, the made-to-measure process is simple. CJM’s expert tailors take all your measurements, and CJM staff help you choose from thousands of fabrics and swatches, Lambert explains. “It is easy and we have numerous pricing options, so we can definitely make a suit and a price tag that fits.”

So, while the staff at CJM–unfortunately–can’t guarantee you Don Draper’s lady magnetism, they can make you look the part with a great fitting, Mad-Men inspired slim suit.

The Fort Wayne Man’s Guide to Wearing a Tie


For being a thin, basically rectangular piece of fabric, a tie is a pretty complicated garment. There are all those knots, fabrics, and rules about height and width…it is understandably frustrating. However, Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne strives to make your life easier, so we’ve assembled these simple guidelines for wearing a tie properly:


A tie should always hit at your beltline. Not above, not below. Capiche?


Your tie should be about two and a quarter to two and three-quarter inches at its widest point. Any wider, and you start to look like a congressman.


The four-in-hand knot should be your go-to. It’s knot too big, knot too small (sorry, couldn’t resist). Also, avoid the half Windsor. It is a huge knot and you will look like you have a giant tortilla chip hanging on your collar. No bueno.

The dimple

The detail of details matter. In this case, it is the tie dimple that will take your tie from passable to polished. Here’s how you do it: 1. When you’re almost done tying your tie, press your thumb against your index finger just beneath the knot, so the fabric forms a crease. 2. Pull down the narrow end of the tie to tighten the dimple, and slide up the knot. 3. Finesse either side of the dimple to accentuate the fold and set it in place. Voilà, dimple.

Bow ties. Bow ties are no longer limited to tuxedos and Pee-Wee Herman. Bow ties are cool now. GQ calls the bow tie the, “dapper man’s version of the skinny straight tie.”

Tie bars.

There is only one, repeat one, place for a tie bar. And it’s between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. Also, never wear a tie bar wider than your tie. Just don’t.

Matching your tie with your suit.

Match your tie to the fabric of your suit. Cotton ties with cotton suits in summer, wool ties with wool suits in winter.

If you have more questions, and are in the Fort Wayne area, come see us at CJM. We are always here to help.

How to Wear a Cardigan

A cardigan is a sign of a well-dressed and confident man. It is kind of a jacket, kind of a sweater, and its versatility can make your wardrobe more dynamic. It is so versatile in fact, that it can accompany you through all of Fort Wayne’s seasons and temperatures.

Cardigans come in a gajillion different fabrics, cuts, colors, and prints. But you can spot a cardigan based on the following characteristics: it is knitted, has a v-neck, buttons in the front, and (usually) has two small pockets on its lower front, one on either side.

Wool cardigans are perfect for fall and winter, and maybe a cool spring day. A gray wool cardigan with wood buttons is classic. A cashmere wool cardigan is another luxury winter staple. A thin knit, lightweight cotton makes for a perfect summer cardigan.

Fit is highly important, much like a suit jacket. But unlike a suit jacket, cardigans are flexible, so you can usually buy one off the rack with no adjustments needed. Just make sure it fits in the shoulders, tapers down through to the waist, and opens some at the abdomen. Also, make sure it covers your waistline or belt.

As mentioned, cardigans are extremely versatile. Which, on the one hand is a good thing (who doesn’t like versatility in fashion?), but on the other, it means there are endless choices and options, which can be daunting, to say the least. In general, a dress shirt and tie pair well for a work ensemble, while your favorite t-shirt is a great match for the weekend.

Ultimately, the best advice we have is to let your instincts guide you. Cardigans are supposed to be dynamic, so there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule on how it should be worn. Other than with your best foot forward, of course.

6 Ways to Dress to Impress in Your New Job


You just landed a new job. Congratulations. Now, your mission is to prove all those skills, experience, and potential that you sold your employer on in the interview. Getting the results is up to you, but Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne does know the best place for you to start, and that is:

Look the part.

To instill the confidence of people who essentially know nothing about you (other than your resume), you must look like the kind of guy they believe in. And that means dressing like him.

Here are the five most important elements of dressing for success.

1. Wear a suit that fits like a glove.

A suit that fits flawlessly is the foundation of dressing like a capable businessman. If your suit jacket shoulders have more divots than an unkempt golf course, you will illicit little professional respect. To be sure a suit fits you too T, take it to a tailor. A good tailor is worth his weight in gold.

2. Stock up on dress shirts.

You can never have to many high-quality dress shirts. Since you are new, play it safe and go with neutral colors, like white or blue, and stick to subtle prints. Once you get more comfortable, then you can bust out the Robert Graham.

3. Shine your shoes.

Maintaining eye contact in professional conversations is expected, but don’t be fooled—the eye does…and will…wander. Especially when they are sizing you up. Don’t let them catch sight of dirty, dingy shoes. It may make them question how well you pay attention to details. To keep them sparkling, polish them at least once a week.

4. Upgrade your accessories.

I hate to break it to you, but now that you have a real-man job, it is time to put away—preferably donate—your X-Men wallet, and upgrade to more sophisticated accouterments. Several fine leather belts, a nice wallet, and maybe even a tie clip—if you’re that fashion forward, will definitely show you pay attention to detail.

5. Consider purchasing a tuxedo.

Now that you have entered the world of after-work events and schmoozing, it isn’t a bad idea to have a nice tux in your closet. Tuxes are a little more tailored than suits, and they usually have satin trimmings (whereas suits are made of one fabric). You never know when you will need one, and a rent-a-tux can be a hassle if done at the last minute.

6. When in doubt, overdress.

When you are starting a new job and not sure of the dress code, the rule of thumb is to overdress. You need not go as far as a three-piece tux with tails, but maybe wear a tie and keep your suit jacket on until you get more familiar with the environment, and see how other employees dress. Another great rule of thumb: pay attention to how your boss dresses and follow…suit (no pun intended).


7. Have confidence.

Surprise, there is an extra tip. Consider it your reward for reading this far. In short: confidence is the most important thing a successful career man wears. Without it, superb suits, shiny shoes, and designer labels do nothing. So, carry your head high at all times.

And again, congratulations on your new job.